Section Chairs

Section 61 has had numereous outstanding section chairs since its start in 1967. The full list of section chairs is:

1967-1968 Roderick W. Wilson (Mu Tau) (Section 35)
1968-1976 Rod Wilson (Section 35 through fall)
1976-1977 George W. Musser
1977-1979 Dana H. McCorkle (Lambda Omicron)
1979-1980 Kevin S. Mallison (Lambda Omicron)
1980-1981 Kevin Mallison (Fall)/Dana H. McCorkle (spring)
1981-1982 Dana McCorkle
1982-1983 Mark Williams (Lambda Omicron) and Roland Kniceley (Lambda Tau)
1983-1985 Roland Kniceley
1985-1986 Jim D. Hanh (Lambda Omicron)
1986-1993 Kevin B. Skaggs (Mu Tau)
1993-1994 Benjamin Hoff (Mu Tau)
1994-1997 Mark Williams
1997-1998 David R. Keely (Lambda Omicron)
1998-2000 Heather D. Schartiger (Mu Tau)
2000-2002 Melissa Stricker (Zeta Beta)
2002-2004 Heather Schartiger
2004 Robert Keller (Mu Tau)*
2005-2006 Christina M. Rock (Alpha Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Eta)
2006-2009 Mark Skidmore (Lambda Omicron)
2009-2012 William Aucremanne (Lambda Omicron)
2012-2013 Jeffery Marcum (Lambda Omicron)
2013-2016 Heather Stewart (Lambda Omicron)
2016-2018 Jan Dzierzak (Eta Upsilon)
2018-present Kelsey Jolliffe

*Bob Keller resigned in August of 2004 for personal reasons. No one could be found to replace him by appointment.