This section shall be conducted as a Service Fraternity under the Policies, principles, and provisions set forth in the National Articles of Incorporation, National Bylaws, the Standard Chapter Articles of Association, and the National Pledge Standards of Alpha Phi Omega, including and especially Article III, Section I of the National Bylaws:

Membership in Alpha Phi Omega shall be open to all students, upon the approval of the respective collegiate Chapter and after fulfilling the Membership requirements prescribed by the National Fraternity and by that Chapter. Without gender implication, all initiated Members of the organization are known nationally as Brothers of the Fraternity.



The purpose of this policy is to unify the calculations for the awarding of the Section 61 Sectional Man-Mile Award given at Regional and Sectional Conferences.


  1. The Section 61 Man-Mile Award shall be presented at all official fraternity gatherings to which the chapters of the section register voting delegates.
  2. Mileage will be calculated from the Official Section 61 Mileage Chart. If a conference is held outside the area served by the Official Section 61 Mileage Chart, then the Sectional Chair will be responsible- for obtaining the Official Highway Map(s) for the state(s) to calculate the Man-Mileage.
  3. Only Brothers, Pledges, Advisors, Alumni (when travelling with the chapter delegates), and Honorary Brothers registered with the host chapter will be counted toward the Man-Mile Award Mileage.
  4. The Section Chair will get an official count from the host chapter prior to the Sectional Business Meeting to determine the man-mileage for each chapter in attendance.
  5. The Section Chair will, during the Sectional Business Meeting, report the total man-mileage for each chapter and then award the Sectional Man-Mile Award.
  6. The Sectional Man-Mile Award will remain with the chapter that it was awarded to until the next Sectional or Regional Conference, whichever is next. At the next conference, it will be the responsibility of the previous winning chapter to ensure that the Sectional Man-Mile Award is available to be awarded again.


AB 1 198 183 28 32 84 200 34 189 146 153 173 41 21
BSC 198 1 15 167 267 167 165 277 323 127 134 90 283 177
CU 183 15 1 152 252 152 180 262 308 142 119 75 268 162
D&E 28 167 152 1 59 73 200 62 167 146 153 145 75 30
FSU 32 267 252 59 1 56 194 28 168 140 147 167 16 45
GSC 84 167 152 73 56 1 157 58 244 103 110 130 72 43
MU 200 165 180 200 194 157 1 186 364 54 47 64 210 167
SIU 34 277 262 62 28 58 186 1 194 132 139 159 42 37
SU 189 323 308 167 168 244 364 194 1 310 317 312 152 197
UC 146 127 142 146 140 103 54 132 310 1 7 27 156 113
WVSC 153 134 119 153 147 110 47 139 317 7 1 34 163 120
WVUIT 173 90 75 145 167 130 64 159 312 27 34 1 183 140
WVU 41 283 268 75 16 72 210 42 152 156 163 183 1 61
WVWC 21 177 162 30 45 43 167 37 197 113 120 140 61 1

AB - Alderson-Broaddus College
BSC - Bluefield State College
CU - Concord University
D&E - Davis & Elkins College
FSU Fairmont State Univeristy
GSC - Glenville State College
MU - Marshall University
SC - Shepherd University
SIU - Salem International University
UC - Universiry of Charleston
WVSC - West Virginia State College
WVUIT - West Virginia University Institute of Technology
WVU - West Virginia University
WVWC - West Virginia Wesleyan College



A Sectional Conference shall be held at least annually at a time and place determined by the chapters in the Section, subject to the approval of the Regional Director. A Sectional Conference may formulate recommendations and propose amendments for the consideration of the National Convention or the National Board of Directors.

NATIONAL BY-LAWS, ARTICLE X, SECTION 3. SECTIONAL CONFERENCES. A Sectional Conference shall be held at least annually at a time and place determined by the Chapters in the Section, subject to the approval of the Regional Director. A Sectional Conference may formulate recommendations and propose amendments for the consideration of a Regional Conference, the National Convention or the National Board of Directors. Any Chapter not in good standing but represented at a Sectional Conference shall be entitled to all privileges as a Chapter in good standing, with the exception of voting.


The purpose of this policy is to allow a fair and equal chance for each of the chapters within Section 61 to host a Sectional Conference.


This policy will rotate the site of the Sectional Conference between the southern, central, and northern areas. The breakdown of the areas will be as follows
Berkeley, Doddridge, Hampshire, Harrison, Jefferson, Marion, Mineral, Monongalia, Morgan, Pleasants, Preston, Taylor, Tyler, and Wetzel counties.
Barbour, Braxton, Calhoun, Gilmer, Grant, Hardy, Jackson, Lewis, Mason, Pendleton, Putnam, Randolph, Ritchie, Roane, Tucker, Upshur, Webster, Wirt and Wood counties. 
Boone, Cabell, Clay, Fayette, Greenbrier, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Monroe, Nicholas, Pocohontas, Raleigh, Summers, Wayne and Wyoming counties.

In the, Fall semester of each odd-numbered year, a Regional Conference is held. Section 61 will not hold a Sectional Conference during these semesters. However, Section 61 will hold a Sectional Business meeting at the Regional Conference. Southern Area (Starting with Spring Semester, 1991), then Northern Area chapter, then Central Area chapter, then Southern Area chapter, etc. In the event that any of the area chapters cannot or chooses not to host the Sectional Conference, the rotation advances.



  1. The person responsible for administering this policy will be the Section Chair or designee (Section Awards Chair)
  2. Only a past Section 61 DSK recipient or someone from outside the section who would not be considered for the award is eligible to administer this policy.

  1. Nominations for the Section 61 Distinguished Service Key should contain all of the reasons and supporting information concerning why the proposed recipient is being nominated for the award.
  2. Nominations may be submitted by any person or chapter. Contact information for the nominator should be provided in case any clarification is needed. The identity of the nominator will be removed from the nomination before distribution to the chapters.
  3. Nominations may be made at any time by individual chapters, advisors, or volunteer staff members by submitting it to the Section Chair or designee (Section Award Chair).
  4. Nominations may be received at any point during the year except the two weeks prior to the section conference when the chapters will be considering the nominations received.
  5. Nominations will be specifically solicited by the Section Chair or designee (Section Awards Chair) from the start of the semester in which the section conference will be held until the start of the two week consideration period.
  6. All nominations are to remain confidential at all times including after a vote has occurred. A nomination may only be revealed when it is determined to present the DSK to the nominated person.

Voting Procedures
  1. Two weeks prior to the Section Conference, the Section Chair or designee (Section Awards Chair) will distribute nominations to the President and/or voting delegates (if they are known at that time) of each Chapter in the section.
  2. Each nomination will receive independent consideration and voting.
  3. Chapters are to discuss the nomination in a chapter meeting prior to the Section conference. Brothers at each chapter should be reminded of the need to keep the nomination and its discussion confidential.
  4. At the section conference where the Distinguished Service Key is proposed to be presented, the Section Awards Chair shall convene a meeting of the Section Awards Committee, to be comprised of the voting delegates from each chapter from the Section in attendance at the conference. The Section Awards Chair shall preside at the meeting, but shall not be a voting member of the committee.
  5. Copies of the nominations shall be distributed to all members of the committee at the beginning of the meeting.
  6. A 3/4 vote shall be required to present the Section Distinguished Service Key
  7. All deliberations of the Section Awards Committee shall be confidential. Only the members of the committee and the Section Awards Chair may be present for the meeting. The only results of the meeting to be preserved shall be the list of individuals receiving the Distinguished Service Key and any rationale or citation that the committee wishes to include to aid in the presentation of the award. All other information, including lists of those nominated for but not receiving the Distinguished Service Key, shall be destroyed. The names of the recipients shall not be divulged until the presentation of the award.

  1. The award(s) will be budgeted into the Section Conference budget.


  1. Providing distinguished service on a Sectional basis; that is, making a significant contribution to the section as a whole. (Service should extend beyond a single chapter, as appropriate chapter recognition is already available.)
  2. Exemplifying and furthering in demonstrable ways the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.
  3. Making a sustained contribution in a leadership position over a period of time.



The purpose of this Policy is to allow each chapter a chance to debate any proposed amendment(s) to any Sectional Policy at a regularly scheduled chapter meeting prior to a Sectional Business meeting.


Every proposed amendment(s) to the Section 61 Sectional Policies shall be submitted to the Sectional Chairman in writing at least thirty (30) days before a Sectional Business meeting. The term "amendment(s)" will include new policies proposed.

Upon receipt of any proposed amendment(s), the Sectional Chairman shall submit the proposed amendment(s) within twenty (20) days of a Sectional Business meeting to the chapters within the Section for their consideration.

All proposed amendment(s) shall be placed on the agenda for consideration at a Sectional Business meeting for adoption.

All proposed amendment(s) shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting delegates (registered and voting) to adopt.

Each collegiate chapter in good standing (as determined by the Sectional Chairman) represented at a Sectional Conference shall have two votes. If a chapter has only one delegate registered, then that delegate shall have the power to cast both votes. Delegates from any chapter not in good standing but represented at a Sectional Conference shall be entitled to all privileges of delegates from chapters in good standing with the exception of voting.

Adopted March 2nd, 2002.
Whereas the chapters of Section 61 feel that inter-chapter communication is crucial to the operation of a successful section:

Let it be resolved that the Section 61 Chair, Section 61 Staff, and the chapters of Section 61 work together to foster a greater degree of inter-chapter communication, facilitated by a careful examination of the Sectional Resource Manual as well as national and chapter by-laws and policies of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity.